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BIM (Building Information Modelling), provides more powerful and efficient solutions to the needs and the process of the construction sector than the traditional methods. In order to achieve this, the manner of doing business and the organization of process must be rearranged in accordance with BIM.

BIM is an application that requires fundamental changes and adjustments in the working methods, the formation of the employees and the process of producing, using and presenting the information.

As a platform for the coordination of all project components, apart from the common use standards of BIM, each player has to rearrange or create their own standards in accordance with BIM according to their role.

The adaptation process to the BIM platform is a process that requires consulting. The transition to BIM often leads to loss of motivation and take their focus away from the work they need to focus on and failures since it is generally perceived as purchases of software and training the users.

Starting with the question of “Which outcome should we expect from our effort to adapt our organization to BIM?”, we offer with our experts to manage BIM Consulting and Management service to platform selection, implementation, user training, forming the project team, production of content compatible with internal standards, management and planning of the transition period.


The needs of the construction sector are very different and the competition has become more difficult. Lg-Partners Consulting introduces the design groups of the construction sector to the new BIM Technologies (Architecture, Mechanics, Electricity) and gives them the necessary training. In line with this trainings, the participants use their time optimally and aim to increase their productivity and make a difference and stand out in the sector.


Consultants and trainers are needed in the process of transition to BIM. Starting with Revit Architecture training, the process ends with the maximum use of BIM. Our efficiently delivered training is given by our experienced specialists who have been using Revit Architecture for many years during the project production process. With an average of 60 hours of training, we aim to have all the participants to be an advanced Revit user.