LG+ PARTNERS, founded in 2015 by Levent Gültegin, is an Istanbul based and BIM-based architectural studio that provides architectural project and consultancy services from schematic design phase to application process, all phases of an architectural project.

Our priority is to design, functional, sustainable, eco-friendly designs and to produce the most accurate planned projects planned with our Static-Electric-Mechanical and Landscape Partners. Our mission is to carry out the project process with Revit Architecture, the pioneer of BIM applications, and to produce more efficient solutions.

While conducting the process with our experienced, dynamic and professional team; we take customer satisfaction as a principle in the fields of comfort, ergonomics, quality, longevity, and cost, Together with our customers, we produce elegant, efficient and value-added architectural solutions. During the product development phase, we also offer our customers the advantage of being up to date and offering a wide range of products.Factors such as functionality, technology, and natural environment are considered together in our approach. In the design solutions, the most important premise of our is human interaction and its integration.By combining innovative and traditional design criteria, we are designing constructions that provide ease of application and reveals a sense of elegance.And as Lg-Partners, we also care about the commercial reality and combine it with our architectural talents to get the right solutions and achieve maximum efficiency

Levent Gültegin

Founder Architect

NBA enthusiast, Professional Basketball Player

Merve Eser Gültegin


She enjoys exploring new places. Also she’s interested in decorating and painting.

Yasemin Kılıç


She is interested in performing arts and history of art. Also in her spare time, she writes poetry. She loves to learn languages and cultures.

Selen Üce


She has a keen interest in typography. She loves to see new places and experience the food and people of different regions. Also she is interested in music and plays flute.

Ismet Gültegin

General Manager

Snowboard enthusiast, Congress Member of Beşiktaş FC and board member of LAIGED (Latin America Business Development Association)

Ali Kemal Ergelen

Marketing Manager

He’s a Futurist. In addition to his digital art works, he can not give up oil paintings and brushes. He values social cooperation and solidarity.

M. Zübeyr Tel

Architectural Assistant

He likes to play football and enjoys watching movies.

Rabia Demir

Architectural Assistant

She likes to play volleyball and cycling. She also likes to follow the current architectural news and projects.

Ahmet Serdar Aydın

Interior Design Assistant

He’s interested in drone photography and plays tennis in his spare time.

Yağmur Gizem Şenoğlu

Business Managment

She’s an athletic person. She plays basketball and she likes skating. Also she’s a good cyclist.


Security Manager

Running and Bite


Communication Manager

Sleeping and Rubbing


Nowadays architecture requires to be blended experience with aesthetic design, environmental awareness, and flexible solutions. Besides all these facts, LG+PARTNERS takes care to revive the neighborhood culture and identity with Urban Memory. It is our first goal to create human-focused projects that increase the social interaction and give a sense of belonging to individuals.